Most frequent questions and answers

We don’t know is the simplest answer . The date is a moving target as new shows is always popping up and the YouTube algorithm moves us one way or another

We follow consistent suggestions, we see if its a show that we’ll like and we do polls on patreon.

Unpopular shows means not a lot of people are SEARCHING for it. This means when I spend time editing. Not many people will view it which doesn’t reward my editing time aaaaaand YouTube penalizes us for posting videos that don’t perform well. Some shows are better watching on my own time. Also being the first reactor to try something is the risky for our channel.

Complicated answer but in short I’m balancing popular shows and un popular shows. I’ll post frequently a show thats popular to counter the show that’s not performing well so the channel algorithm stays healthy. Also if a show has a lot of episodes, we’ll run through that faster.

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